Learning The “Secrets” of Safety

Using the JSA Tool in a Workplace

There is always a risk of an injury whenever there is any construction work going on, and in some of our other workplaces. We may not get rid of it completely, but we can minimize risk and put in under control through standard procedures and good work practices. In some cases, certain risks are unavoidable. This raises the question of the amount of risk that can be deemed acceptable by those who will have to do the work.
Risk comes about when its frequency, probability of happening, and the severity of its effects is calculated. Acceptance of risk has to start at the top level of an organization, and then it flows down. They are responsible for making sure these risks are not too much. They are in charge of the tools that will help make sure these risks are not freely occurring. One of them is a job safety analysis tool.
The employees at the ground level need to take part in the efforts to keep these risks minimal. As a project is being developed, there is a need to communicate to all those who shall participate in it of their appointment. It is also sensible to let them know of the expected risks and the ways put in place to deal with them.

Those on the ground also tend to see most of the risks, even if they do not report them. This information needs to be captured, to develop ways of minimizing it. People need to understand what the acceptable levels of risk are, and what levels are beyond this. Those at the supervisory level need to first understand every detail of the work environment, as well as the health and safety hazards therein, if they are to be helpful in the process.

People perceive risk differently. Some people may think it is normal while other will not dare work there. This is part of why reporting risk is not that easy. The JSA tools shall make the communication and documentation of the risks easier for everyone. This also makes it easy for those working here to know of the risk and control in place while working.

There shall thus be only minimal levels of the risks therein. In it, all those who are part of the team need to interact and have the same understanding of the job at hand, the procedures involved, and the hazards likely to be faced as the job goes on. To see its full effects, all those how are part of it need to be on board. This is how they will open up to give the relevant information for his exercise. They also need to know that what they share shall be taken with the gravity it deserves.

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