Better then Botox…

It is my opinion that invasive Botox injections, as well as the bruising and the risk of infection, can be avoided, prevented and can even be eliminated completely! In young skin the surface is soft and taught, so reflected light is naturally diffused, displaying a smooth and bright complexion.

The problem with wrinkles

is that resulting shadows and ridges cut definition and contrast into features, absorbing light and increasing the perception of age. The trick is to soft-focus the definition of your wrinkles via a clever optical adjustment, resulting from light diffusing minerals that occupy the wrinkle gaps. Coupled with wrinkle reducing peptides, gives an instant wrinkle banishing perception, while simultaneously reducing the occurrence. The soft focus effect is a well known optical blurring, commonly used in glamour photography because of its ability to diffuse blemishes and create a dream-like, near flawless imagery. The smooth appearance is caused by increased light diffusion, resulting in less definition and contrast, yet retaining or even expanding sharp edges and radiance. The soft focus effect creates a smooth appearance as light is diffused and scattered over the surface of your skin.

You achieve instant satisfaction…

on the surface, and on going treatment from beneath, thanks to the beneficial actions of advanced peptide formulation. Certain peptides block the neurological pathways and receptors, inhibit muscle contraction and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

To reduce one of the main causes of wrinkles, we must modulate muscle movement and expression lines. Certain peptides used effect the whole neural synaptic system that controls muscle contraction. This results in muscle relaxation for a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Through out the ages both women and men have looked for ways to look young and stay looking young.

Now with the advancements of modern science, chemistry, and advanced technology for the first time ever we have the ability to formulate and create anti aging skin care products as well as organic skin care and cosmetics that years ago we could only dream of doing before, until now!

Advanced modern day equipment has given us the ability to extract communication molecules, such as peptides, polypeptides as well as polysaccarides, which give us a whole new spectrum of technology to apply, from anti wrinkle cream, anti aging cream, long lasting lipstick, with all the lipstick colors, as well as the best mascara and water proof mascara available today!